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Teresa LeYung-Ryan’s Play (monologue) a Winner of the 2012 Redwood Writers Playwriting Contest

3 April 2012

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to share sweet news with you.

At 8:19pm this evening I received a phone call from Linda Loveland Reid, telling me that my 10-minute play Answer Me Now has been chosen as one of the nine plays to be produced.  I listened to Linda as she explained that directors will be selected, auditions will be scheduled, then casting, and rehearsals, and that the plays would be performed at the annual Redwood Writers Play Festival on June 29, 30 and July 1, 2012 in California.

Performances will be June 29, Friday at 8pm; June 30, Saturday at 2pm and 8pm; and July 1, Sunday at 2pm.  Tickets will be $16 per person.

at Santa Rosa’s premier theater, 6th Street Playhouse. The plays will be presented on 6th Street’s Studio stage.

I’m feeling proud and sad at the same time; my play is a monologue (middle-aged daughter talking to her mother); I miss my mom so much.

Thank you, Linda Loveland Reid, for your generosity in creating the annual Redwood Writers Playwriting Contest. Thank you, judges Natasha Carter-Yim, Michael Fontaine and Lennie Dean. Thank you to fellow playwrights and everyone involved in this project.

Thank you, dear Lynn Scott, for your editing my play.

Last week I had already asked dear Elisa Sasa Southard to attend the April 15, 2012 meeting with me, winning or not, so that we could cheer for all the playwrights. Tonight, after receiving the call from Linda . . . I called dear Luisa Adams.  Sasa could still be on her trip. It’s too late to call other pals, so, I write this blog post. Gotta email my sis (teaching abroad) and KB in Australia!

Kim McMillon, I’m thinking of you.  Your plays have inspired me so much!

Kathryn G. McCarty, thank you for inspiring me with your writing and directing plays, and for giving me the thrill to be on stage for the fundraiser performance of  Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues to benefit Community Violence Solutions.

Carol Sheldon, you have inspired me too.  I look forward to seeing your new play this month.

Chandra Garsson, I’m thinking of you too. Your films have inspired me so much!  Last month Chandra had offered to film me performing Answer Me Now so that I would have a Chandra Garsson production for my YouTube channel; I guess I better memorize my own lines… in addition to attending some of the rehearsals (as the playwright, not actor) when casting has been completed for the Redwood Writers Play Festival.

Screenwriter and screenwriting teacher Terrel Seltzer, thank you for having coached us on what a compelling story is.

Goodnight, Everyone!

Being a writer is a reward! Keep writing!


Teresa LeYung-Ryan

As editor/story consultant, Teresa LeYung-Ryan identifies themes and universal archetypes for clients. As author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW, she says: “Make your name synonymous with the issues you write about.” Teresa has built her own platform happily; her novel Love Made of Heart is used in college composition classes. She says her novel and her play Answer Me Now carry the theme closest to her heart: mother-daughter relationship. for Coach Teresa’s Blog and other resources.  “Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams.”

Here’s the email that I just received from Linda.


Dear Play Contest submitters and Redwood members: The judges met today and made their final decision on the winning plays for this year’s Play Contest. (names listed below)
A huge thank you to judges Natasha Carter-Yim, Michael Fontaine and Lennie Dean. We wish that every play could have been chosen and appreciate everyone who participated.
The winners will be recognized at the April 15, 2012 Redwood Writer general meeting at the Flamingo Hotel at 2:30.
The judges will be in attendance to help recognize the winning playwrights.
It is especially exciting this year, as the annual Redwood Writers Play Festival on June 29/30 and July 1, 2012 will be in partnership with Santa Rosa’s premier theater, 6th Street Playhouse. The plays will be presented on 6th Street’s Studio stage. Stand-by for lots more on that front, but for now, please help us celebrate our winning playwrights, listed below in alpha order:

Congratulations to the following nine winning playwrights!

Malena Eljumaily                           Special Delivery

Nancy Lockard Gallop                  There There, Now

Gene Griffith                                 Gravediggers

Teresa LeYung-Ryan                    Answer Me Now

Elaine Maikovska                          The Play Is the Thang

Amanda McTigue                          Turn The Other

Harry Reid                                    GPS

Elizabeth VanPatten                       Dream Girl

Jean Wong                                    BFF

Linda Loveland Reid
President of Redwood
April 28 – Writers Conference at SRJC; April 27 Poetry Night
Author of Touch of Magenta = Review by Laura McHale Holland, On-line Examiner…


Is Kathryn G. McCarty teaching a Creative Writing Class to Kids and Teens?

I just received an email from Kathryn G. McCarty who says:

In August 2011, I am teaching a Creative Writing Class for kids 10-16. The class is at the Orinda Community Center, Orinda, CA.
Could you please pass this on to parents who might be interested in enrolling their child? Or any Elementary School teachers who might know students who would benefit from this class?

Become inspired as you work on scripts, short stories, memoirs, fables,  monologues, comic novellas, or poetry. This two week camp culminates in an online teen creative writing magazine showcasing student writer’s work – be published online! Camp is for ALL LEVELS of writers.

Mon- Thurs 8/8-18   10a-12p    2634S

Residents $183 Non Residents $201

You can sign up online at:

Or call the office at (925) 254-2554
Writing samples from former students:
My first memories of creative writing are from the 2nd grade.  I know that the “writing bug” starts early and needs lots of nourishment.  I give students daily prompts, and they are encouraged to work at their own speed.   Students have an opportunity to share their writing each day, and also learn how to give and take constructive criticism in order to grow as a writer.
All levels of young writers are welcomed in this class!
The two week session costs $180 for residents, $198 for non-residents.
Thanks for passing the word!”
Kathryn G. McCarty

Check out my book!

Available for order at your favorite bookstores or at

Kathryn is a fun and encouraging teacher. I had a chance to be her student in a production of the Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler (a fundraiser for Community Violence Solutions in 2010) so I speak from experience. And, I’ve seen Ms. McCarty interact with young people; she’s a caring teacher.


Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan who says: “Reach out, not stress out, when pursuing your dreams!”

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days


cast members Jessica & Teresa The Vagina Monologues 2010 April 12

cast members Jessica Watkins & Teresa LeYung Ryan in The Vagina Monologues 2010 April 12

post performance--Caitlin in front & Leslie, Amira, Teresa LeYung Ryan, Lakshmi Kerner,Mary Knippel, and friend
post performance–Caitlin in front & Leslie, Amira, Teresa LeYung Ryan, Lakshmi Kerner,Mary Knippel, and friend
actress Teresa LeYung Ryan kept lines on her hand photo by Elisa Southard

actress Teresa LeYung Ryan kept cues on her hand photo by Elisa Southard

Email from Director Kathryn G. McCarty of April 21, 2010 with a link to the YouTube video (photos by Ellen Gailing, “U.N.I.T.Y.” by Queen Latifah and “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride  added):

Kathy said:  “This is also on my facebook page, you can link to it there. What beautiful women!  :)   And men.  :)     Thank you for sharing your talent and energy!   Everyone did such a great job!!”

Kathryn G. McCarty

Upcoming Theatre Projects…Info coming at

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES by Eve Ensler performed on April 12, 2010, at Craneway Pavillion, Richmond , CA–a fundraiser for  Community Violence Solutions

V-Day Until the Violence Stops is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM) and sexual slavery.

thor Elisa Southard & director Kathryn McCarty & actress Teresa LeYung Ryan at Vagina Monologues

author Elisa Southard & director Kathryn McCarty & actress Teresa LeYung Ryan at Vagina Monologues

Thank you to all the writers, musicians, artists of all genres throughout history who have spoken out against violence of any type.


Teresa LeYung Ryan


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