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Writers Take Care of Ourselves!

“20 Fun, Easy & Effective Ways To Manage and Reduce Stress”.

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Premier Summits Live Event: July 20-26, 2010

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I listened to Diana Fletcher “Stress Reducing Strategies for a Busy & Hectic Lifestyle”

Top points I gained from Diana:

  • Make time to breathe deeply – put one hand on belly; inhale through the nose & exhale through the mouth
  • Drink water – to hydrate the body; to correct false-cravings for food
  • Create buffer time – after turning off electronic gadgets (including TV or computer), give myself quiet time before going to sleep.

I listened to Elizabeth Diamond “How to Create the Life of Your Dreams Using the Intentional Scrapbooking MethodTM”

Top points I gained from Elizabeth:

  • Identity the picture of what success looks like and create the scrapbook page/vision board (or “collage” as Mary E. Knippel of Open Up To Your Creativity would say); find material for the platform (paper, cardboard, T-shirt . . . )
  • Feel the joy when I use “I statement” to see my dream in my mind’s eye (Teresa’s example:  “I am the female business owner who has given millions of dollars to thousands of charities worldwide.”  This is my dream–to help people on the planet by being a creator of prosperity–like philanthropist Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation.)
  • Take a photo of myself while I am looking at my scrapbook page/vision board/collage and feeling the sensations of success; use the photo as inspiration. (Teresa’s example:  “Before I found my agent and before my publisher found me through my agent, I did create ‘This is what I would look like as a published author’ pictures for myself.  I’m happy to say that I celebrated my novel’s seventh anniversary in October)

Thank you to my sister who told me about Premier Summits –  free online audio events!

Thank you, Tom Nicoli for hosting and Keith Jennison for producer the series!

Thank you to all the presenters!


Teresa LeYung Ryan

Author Teresa LeYung Ryan wears two hats.

  • As a novelist, she uses her book Love Made of Heart to inspire adult-children of mentally-ill parents to speak openly about the stigmas that their parents suffer.
  • As a writing career coach and creator of Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published, Teresa helps writers identify their mission statements to attract agents, publishers and fans.

Her website offers resources for writers and readers.

I’ve been hearing about Smart Cookies on the radio, so, I Googled “Smart Cookies” webpage says: [Last year, 24-year-old Katie Dunsworth decided it was time for her and her friends to stop spending, start saving and get richer. Katie saw Oprah's Debt Diet show and decided to take action. The show motivated Katie and four friends to start a money group and get smart about their spending, saving and investing. They call themselves the Smart Cookies. As a team, the women set up weekly meetings, confess their debt, make a plan to "pay it down" and start investing. "Really the one thing that came across is we need to be held accountable," Katie says.]

In my professional life, I belong to a smart group too. Smart woman Linda Lee and I, Writing-Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan, invited 5 colleagues and formed a master-mind group.  Each woman had specific goals, different interests, but we had one thing in common–we were all writers. At our first meeting on March 29, 2008, we set up rules, goals and commitments, and pledged to support each member of the group as well as the group as a whole. 7 women.  7 colleagues.  We called ourselves the Savvy Seven and met once a month.

Savvy Seven standing Teresa, Mary, Lori, sitting Luisa, Martha, Linda, Rebecca

Linda Lee, founder of Smart Women Stupid Computers and AskMePc

Teresa LeYung Ryan, Writing-Career Coach Teresa

Mary E. Knippel, Creativity Mentor

Martha Alderson, International Plot Consultant

Luisa Adams, award-winning writer, author of Woven of Water

Lori Noack, founder of Lori Noack Arts Management. She’d be a super executive director for any organization.

Rebecca Martin, founder of Dear Jane, a Career Advisement Company

Each member of Savvy Seven has accomplished her goals & commitments; each one is pursuing new dreams.  March 2010 will be our second anniversary.

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