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What Is Happening this Weekend November 16, 17, 18, 2012 for Writers and Readers in northern California?

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Friday, November 16, 2012, 7:00pm
Author / Writing Teacher Lynn Cook Henriksen will be at Books Inc.  1344 Park Street, Alameda, CA

  Lynn Henriksen-Author-TellTale-Souls

The award-winning guidebook TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit

If you could tell just one  small story that would reveal the essence of your mother’s character and keep her spirit alive, what would it be?

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Saturday, November 17, 2012, 9:30 am–1:30 pm







The Narrator’s Tale: All About Point of View” Workshop at Redwood Writers

Presented by Ana Manwaring

Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa,
2777 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95405  

$25 members, $35 non-members


A workshop on the intricacies of Point of View. This will be a hands on workshop so come prepared with pen, paper, and a scene from your original writing (double spaced) that includes plenty of narration.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012 10:00am Belmont, CA Library

San Francisco Peninsula Branch of California Writers Club presents:
Tanya Egan Gibson: Author, Editor, Writing Coach

Lynn Stegner     *

Learn the various ways you can get the details of places right (even without a travel budget), how to make your world exciting, and and how to use your world to strengthen both plot and characterization. For more:  Tanya is the author of How To Buy a Love of Reading.

Members $15, Non-Members $18, Students $10 with ID

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Saturday, November 17th, 2012 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Sacramento Branch of California Writers Club

Luncheon November 2012: Karl Palachuk, publisher

Topic: Publishing Your Own Book: What’s new, what’s important, what’s essential?

Members $12.00,  Non-Members $14.00

Meetings are held at:

Tokyo Buffet restaurant
7217 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights, CA 95621


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Nov. 2 – 18, 2012  Fringe of Marin Festival of New Bay Area One-Act Plays and Solos

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan and author Lynn Scott will catch a show in Program 2 to cheer for playwrights Carol Sheldon (On With the Wind) and Ollie Mae Trost Welch (Shaw).  Annette Lust, I cheer for you always!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012, 2:00pm

Berkeley Branch of California Writers Club

Speaker — “Scenes for the Novel and the Screen” with James Dalessandro

at the Oakland Main Library, Bradley C. Walters Community Room, also known as the West Auditorium, Oakland, CA

Monthly Speaker Programs (FREE)

1:05 p.m. Doors Open, Marketing Group

1:30-2:00 pm Social Time

2:00  to 4:30 pm Announcements, Program & More Social Time

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! 


print edition ISBN: 978-0983010005



Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

As coach and author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW,  Teresa says: “Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, make your name synonymous with the issues you write about.”

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to say:  “The fun part of being a writer/writing coach is receiving exciting news from friends/colleagues.”

Author Margie Yee Webb (Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life), who is an associate-producer of the film FEMME–Women Healing the World,  forwarded this email:


From: Emmanuel Itier
Subject: Fwd: FEMME – “work in progress” screening at The Awareness Film Festival.

Dear Friend:

We will show a “work in progress” cut for our new inspiring documentary: FEMME-Women healing the World

at The Awareness Film Festival  (!home/mainPage ) on November 4th, 2012 at 7pm.
I will be there for a Q&A after the show and will have surprise guests!

See you at the Awareness Festival!! Hope you can make it!! Invite friends…

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Author Carol Sheldon (Mother Lode) is wearing her playwright & director hats these days.
Carol emailed:
Hello Theatre-Goers:My comedy On with the Wind will be presented at the Fall 2012 Fringe of Marin Festival of One-ActsOn with the Wind  — set in a retirement home, 4 ladies and 1 man try to watch an old video of Gone with the Wind.  Midst squabbling over events in their lives, events in the film, the video breaks, as the only man is fought over by 2 of the women. This is one of several shorts at the festival which takes place on Dominican Campus at Meadowlands Hall, San Rafael, CA.  Sat.Nov. 3, Sat.Nov. 10, Sun.Nov. 11 (mat.), Fri.Nov.16 and Sun.Nov. 18 (mat.) The evening performances are at 7:30pm. The matinees are at 2:00pm.  For directions and more information about the 2 programs visit
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Friday, November 16, 2012, 7:00pm
Author / Writing Teacher Lynn Cook Henriksen will be at Books Inc.  1344 Park Street, Alameda, CA

  Lynn Henriksen-Author-TellTale-Souls

The award-winning guidebook TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit

If you could tell just one  small story that would reveal the essence of your mother’s character and keep her spirit alive, what would it be?

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Hearty Congratulations to Margie and everyone involved in FEMME;  Carol, her new play On With the Wind, and everyone at Fringe of Marin Festival of One Acts; Lynn and everyone involved in her guidebook TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir!


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan


Cheering for writers and readers and everyone who has a story in her/his heart!

Have you seen Coach Teresa interviewed by Frank Mallicoat on CBS Channel 5?



More than ten years ago, if my super-agent Stacey Glick hadn’t landed a big publisher–Kensington in New York (insightful editor John Scognamiglio; good-energy publisher Laurie Perkin; Debbie Tobias was Sales Director; Lou Malcangi was art director, by the way . . . booksellers do judge a book by its cover; Libba Bray, who is now a New York Times bestselling author of young adult books, for book jacket copy; Jacquie Edwards for copy editing; and everyone at Kensington and their associates), I would not have had the opportunity to experience the publishing industry from that perspective . . .  which then gave me the credentials to talk about “who” really is the most qualified person to build the author’s platform and fanbase.

Love Made of Heart (a mother-daughter love story) by Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Also, ten years ago . . .  if not for independent sales reps (especially Nancy Suib and Anne Shulenberger), mentors at Kensington Publishing Corp. (especially Mary B. Morrison and Mary Monroe), booksellers (especially Anny Clevens at Borders, Luan Stauss of Laurel Books, Kate at Books, Inc., Mike and Tricia at Barnes & Noble), my husband, family and friends (from my personal circles, California Writers Club/Jack London Writers Conference, Women’s National Book Association, East Bay Regional Park District, Kim McMillon network, teachers, librarians, readers from far and near,  and advocates who cheered for me — whether they revealed themselves, or not, to me) . . . my mother-daughter love story Love Made of Heart would not have “seen” so many birthdays.  I am eternally grateful.

Happy Birthday, protagonist Ruby Lin!

Happy Birthday, Vivien Lin (Ruby’s mom)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Nussbaum (Ruby’s neighbor / mentor)!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Gloria Thatcher (Ruby’s confidant)!

Happy Birthday, Emily, Vincent, and all supporting characters!

In other words . . .  Happy 10th Anniversary of Love Made of Heart (my first novel)!

I didn’t know it at the time;  my platform was in the closing statement to the audience every time I read a passage from my book Love Made of Heart (even before publication).  A year after the hardcover edition was released, my editor at Kensington told me that they were going to release the trade-paperback edition.  So, I wrote “Author’s Note to Reader” and Kensington added that page to the book.  I thank the dear readers who had read the hardcover edition and asked me what/who was my muse and why I wrote about tabooed subject matter.

“Author’s Note to Reader”

Thank you for letting me share Ruby Lin’s story with you.  Many readers have asked me what the characters in the novel have done for me.  My answer is this: I’ve learned that behind every face is a compelling story.

Please remember me as a writer who says YES! to compassion for mental illness, and, NO! to domestic violence and child abuse.

Who is Mrs. Nussbaum?  She lives in all our hearts.  Just as we have the “child within,” we also have the “wise elder within.”  May you always embrace your compelling story and allow your Mrs. Nussbaum to embrace you.


Teresa LeYung Ryan

Video on  Coach Teresa’s YouTube channel:  Platform & Fanbase-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan at Sonoma County Book Festival 2012

I was blessed with loyal supporters during the ten years writing the book. And, I am blessed with loyal supporters (so many big hearts) who continue to cheer for me, even now, ten years after publication.  I encourage every writer to “not give up” and “stay true to the self.”

Video on Bay Sunday’s Youtube channel:   Teresa LeYung-Ryan, author:  Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase in 22 Days

As I said to Bay Sunday Host Frank Mallicoat on CBS Channel 5 and to the writers at Kim McMillon’s “Writers On Writing” workshop . . .  “What I care about will turn into themes I write about. And, the themes I write about will attract my fans.”

So, the foundation of one’s platform-statement begins with three simple-yet-powerful words:  “I care about . . . ”  

You (the author) are the most qualified person to build your platform and fanbase.

Example: (as a writer of fiction, narrative nonfiction, including memoirs )

I am Teresa LeYung-Ryan, author of Love Made of HeartI care about helping adult-children (of mentally-ill parents) speak openly about the stigmas and find resources for their loved ones.

Example: (as a writer of prescriptive nonfiction  a.k.a. “how to” )

I am Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan, author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 DaysI care about helping writers thrive in today’s publishing arena.

If Love Made of Heart didn’t get published (giving me a forum to learn about “staying alive and well” in the industry), I wouldn’t have developed the expertise to help other writers survive and thrive (through coaching and my workbook Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW

To my dear friends, colleagues, mentors who inspire me and rally for me, please let me know how I can pay it forward.

I cheer for everyone who has a dream!


Coach Teresa

Coach Teresa’s definition of Writer’s Platform:  “Making your name stand for something—to attract targeted consumers—who are likely to buy what you have to sell.”

print edition ISBN: 978-0983010005








Kindle ebook edition ASIN: B005J9ZEIA












More September Birthdays in My Literary Community

Dear Writers,

Eight years ago when my novel Love Made of Heart was about to “hit the streets,” my publisher (Kensington in New York) had purchased front-store-shelf -space at Borders and Barnes & NobleNancy Suib & Anne Shulenberger, the independent sales reps for Kensington, had recommended my novel to their accounts/independent bookstores.

An author is lucky to get shelf-space (and to be “face out” so that customers would see the book cover), but, because new releases from publishers arrive every day, those precious high-visibility shelf-spaces usually cannot be reserved for one particular book for more than what is paid for by the publisher.

And, even if a new book gets into a bookstore, how do customers know about it?   One way is for the author to appear at the bookstore.  But, bookstore appearance aren’t easy to land because, as I said before, new releases from publishers arrive every day.

Two booksellers gave me my first break.  Kate Kelley from Books Inc. on Chestnut Street in San Francisco and Luan Stauss, owner of Laurel Book Store.

Luan says in her wonderful e-newsletter this week:

“Nine years ago, on September 15, 2001 the Laurel Book Store opened the doors for the first time.  And yes, it really has been that long. Babies then are now reading. 10 year olds then are now in college. Some of the college students then are now parents. While a whole swath of us haven’t aged a bit.
It’s been quite a ride and I’m planning for bigger and better things for the future.  We’re trying hard to roll with the economic punches and it’s made better by all of you who have been here supporting us all this time.  And by all the great books that come out each year making it tough to decide what to sell!
Rather than have a party this year, which by the way is the pottery year, we’re going to start planning for the 10 year anniversary. But do come by for a cookie, wish us well, and tell us what you’re reading!
Happy reading, and thank you for 9 years worth of your support.” Luan

* * * * * * * * *

Leigh Anne Lindsey, a new member of Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter, celebrates her birthday. Leigh Anne writes novels,  including  Futuristic and Suspense-Thrillers.  WNBA is lucky to have her in our chapter–she attended our September board meeting, assisted the board members at our Sept. 12 publishing panel at the SF Public Library, and, with Kate Britton (VP of SF Chapter) will represent WNBA at the Redwood Writers Conference on Oct. 30, 2010.

Also, Leigh Anne is a Member of & Social Media Wizard for the Redwood Writers – the second largest branch of the California Writers Club; she’ s a member of San Francisco Writers Community

* * * * * * * * *

To Writers,

Keep writing, keep networking, keep building your name/platform, keep learning about the industry through the experts (including published authors, bookseller, librarians, teachers, literary agents, acquisition editors and folks in publishing houses, members in writers’ organizations, and folks in their circles of influence).  Celebrate being a writer!

Hope to see you at October 2010 events!

Teresa LeYung Ryan, author, writing-career coach, founder of GraceArt Publishing

Build My Writer’s Name and Platform: Attract Agents, Acquisition Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention
is the 22 minutes for 22 days workbook.
“Reach out, not stress out, when building your writer’s name.”

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