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Cat Mulan author Margie Yee Webb and “Star Trek” star Celeste Yarnall are FEMMEs! Women healing the world!

Margie Yee Webb (author and photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life) says: “Through Facebook, I connected with fellow Cat Writers Association (CWA) member Celeste Yarnall that led me to be a producer for FEMME: Women Healing the World after she introduced me to director Emmanuel Itier. Sharon Stone is the executive producer for FEMME, a celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. In the inspiring documentary, Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment, discuss solutions to the multiple crises we are faced with. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.

“Although we initially connected through Facebook, I did have the pleasure of connecting face-to-face with Celeste Yarnall. In November 2012, in Venice, California, I met Celeste, her husband Nazim, who is also a producer, as well as director Emmanuel Itier at a screening of FEMME (the work-in-progress cut). I am honored to be a part of this award-winning film.

“On December 5, 2013, I will reunite with them for a screening of FEMME in Sacramento at the Crest Theatre. Anyone interested in attending the special screening, can reserve tickets here: ”

Here’s Celeste Yarnall !

Celeste Yarnall is an author, film producer, activist, speaker, and actress remembered well for her popular guest-starring role on the original Star Trek classic episode entitled, The Apple, where she played Yeoman Martha Landon. She is also remembered as Elvis Presley’s co-star in “Live a Little, Love a Little.” However, her true passion is being of value by empowering  and inspiring people to act holistically for themselves and our planet.            
Celeste’s career includes, besides her film and television work as an actress, the owning and operation of a Commercial Real Estate brokerage where she pioneered the field by making great headway for women in business. Celeste Yarnall & Associates almost exclusively hired and trained women with just a few exceptions. She was the owner of a talent management firm that specialized in representing young talented screenwriters called Artists Management Group. And in 1997 she earned a doctorate in Nutrition from Pacific Western University in California.
A lifetime love of holistic health care and healing alternatives led her to write her first books, Cat Care, Naturally, Natural Cat Care, Natural Dog Care (all through Charles E. Tuttle Publishing) and ultimately to partner with her dear friend, Jean Hofve, DVM. She and Dr. Jean then proceeded to co-author the Cat Writers Association of America’s Muse Medallion award-winning book, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, published in 2009 by Quarry Books. She and Dr. Jean have recently written PALEO DOG, Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing His Inner World, published by Rodale Press and being pre-sold now for a June 2014 release on Kindle and Paperback.
Celeste has also written a highly collectable book entitled CELESTIAL TREK ,
WHICH includes artwork by Celeste’s husband and business partner, Nazim Artist  which depicts her character from Star Trek along with photographs from the episode itself, to illustrate Celeste’s own personal story of the great influence that Star Trek has had on her life and personal mission.
Celeste writes a highly popular blog for the social action network, entitled “Celestial Musings,” which reaches over 23,000,000 members globally. She has contributed to Natural News Network (, and also The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, Raw Instincts, Healthy Dogs, Naturally and many others
Celeste Yarnall
Celeste is the producer as well as a featured speaker in the award winning documentary film, Femme: Women Healing the World, directed and created by Emmanuel Itier, and executive produced by Sharon Stone. The film features Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elizabeth Sathouris, Riane Eisler and Marianne Williamson, Maria Bello, Celeste Yarnall and over 100 other female leaders worldwide. This film project is attracting worldwide attention as it continues to win awards and make the rounds of popular film festivals and empowerment conferences. The FEMME team have 5 more conscious film projects in the works.
Celeste is also producing a new SCI/FI spoof feature film project entitled UNBELIEVABLE!!! This film is currently being filmed and features a huge cast of Star Trek actors from all the series and films. Celeste is featured as an actress playing herself in the film, as well.
Celeste speaks often at conferences and conventions on myriad of topics. She is speaking next at the Conscious Life Expo, February 7-9th 2014 at the LAX Hilton. See Her film Femme will receive a Humanitarian Award before it screens in their annual film festival. Celeste will also be part of Femme panel where she shares the how’s and why’s of the necessity to activate our own PRIME DIRECTIVE to help in the healing of the world by forming male and female partnerships and take action. She will next share a new technology that Celeste markets, which comes from Liechtenstein, called BEMER in a talk at Evolution Expo 2014, which will be held June 27-29, in Oakland, California. She and Astronaut Joe Edwards will address the multiple problems in space for astronauts and Celeste will share BEMER’s connection to NASA and their role in developing new space suits for the astronauts, incorporating the BEMER technology right into a special fabric to be worn by the astronauts to help with their need to be connected to the Earths Magnetic Field. See
Celeste currently serves on the prestigious Moxxor Holistic Advisory Board and is an ambassador to the Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI). Celeste is an expert in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), non verbal communiation and is a Reiki Master.
She has been trained in kinesiology, homeopathy, color therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, flower essences, touch therapy, and many more, often intuiting exactly what might be needed at the time of a session with her clients whom she life coaches along with the incorporation of the multiple holistic, healing modalities  she is adept in for both people and pets. She is also a medical intuitive.  
Celeste can be found on multiple Facebook pages at, Celestial Musing, The Art of Wellness, Twitter, Celeste Yarnall @MoxxArt, Pinterest, Linkedin, Word Press at, and can be seen on her YouTube interview from FEMME at:
Celeste and her artist husband, Nazim Nazim who is also a producer on Femme which features many of his paintings, have created the Art of Wellness Collection and live with their two Tonkinese Cats in Westlake Village, California.
See for more photos and biographical material.

Cheers to FEMMEs Margie Yee Webb and Celeste Yarnall! Let’s celebrate all femmes on Dec. 5, 2013!


Author and 22-Day Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan meets Women Healing the World everywhere she goes

I am so proud of my pal and colleague Margie Yee Webb.   Margie is the author and photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life, a gift book for cat lovers.  Earlier this year, Margie shared exciting news regarding her role in the remarkable documentary FEMME: Women Healing the World directed by Emmanuel Itier of Wonderland Entertainment.

If you happen to be near Sacramento, CA on Dec. 5, 2013, please attend the screening of the movie and meet Margie Yee Webb.  For tickets:

FEMME is a celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment discuss solutions to the multiple crises we are faced with. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.


Diane Ichiyasu (a FEMME herself) cheers for Margie Yee Webb, producer of FEMME: Women Healing the World as well as for playwright Michael Milligan who uses his performance to show what happens to Americans who have no medical insurance in the U.S.A. Teresa LeYung-Ryan and Diane met through the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in the Berkeley Hills in California



Janice Bohnert & Carol Budney are FEMMEs (women healing the world) in Wisconsin ! Teresa LeYung-Ryan met Janice and Carol at the Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant in West Allis!


Author and Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan learns about Campaign for Healthy California from 3 FEMMEs - Joannie Grassi, Nel Benningshof, and Diane Ichiyasu


Producer Margie Yee Webb says: "Please attend the exclusive screening of the award-winning documentary FEMME: Women Healing the World on Dec. 5, 2013 at Crest Theatre in Sacramento,CA Watch the trailer


FEMME: Women Healing the World features Sharon Stone (Executive Producer), Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Riane Eisler, Maria Bello, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gloria Steinem, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Celeste Yarnall and many other notable women from around the world. Music is by Yoko Ono and Rickie Lee Jones. FEMME is distributed by Vision Films, a worldwide distributor of independent feature films, documentaries and music programming.



Margie Yee Webb is author of the "red" gift book Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings and producer of the movie FEMME: Women Healing the World. Teresa LeYung-Ryan had met Margie through California Writers' Club when fellow member Dale King connected them for the Asian Heritage Street Celebrations in San Francisco.


producer Margie Yee Webb chooses the historic Crest Theatre in producer Margie Yee Webb chooses the historic Crest Theatre in Sacramento for the screening of FEMME: Women Healing the World on Dec. 5, 2013 -- photo by TLR

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to say: “I know hundreds of FEMMEs (women healing the world). Producer Margie Yee Webb leads the beautiful parade!”


Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan added Helpful Websites & Resources & Guides for Mental Health / Mental Illness / Depression

Dear Writers and Readers,

The hard drive of my computer died and it will be a while until I can access my webpage,-Girls,-Boys,-Teens,-Men,-Families.html   However, because I didn’t want to delay my adding the links to two wonderful mental health resource sites, I created a new page on my blog
The 2 additions are: 

Jennifer Bell, thank you for letting me know about Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students.   I thank you and your colleagues for creating this remarkable forum with links to many organizations in all 50 states and Washington D.C. in the U.S.A.

Author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings and producer of  FEMME: Women Healing the World Margie Yee Webb, thank you for letting me know about Active Minds which was founded by Alison Malmon when she was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, following the suicide of her older brother Brian.

I encourage you to submit a comment on this blog post or the new blog page; I encourage your colleagues and friends to submit comments; as you know, comments help cyberspace find “tags” and “tags” help people find you and your resources.

Teresa LeYung-Ryan's book Love Made of Heart shows protagonist Ruby Lin learning about compassionate and self-forgiveness when her mom is 5150'ed -- photo by Cheri Eplin


22-Day Writer’s Platform & Fanbase-Building 

I celebrate you and your role in creating hope and peace in our community!  Please click here to reserve your tickets now and join me!  Our colleague Margie Yee Webb is orchestrating a movie-screening party FEMME: Women Healing the World on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, (doors open at 6:30pm) for 7:30pm-9:30pm at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento.   Director Emmanuel Itier, Producer Margie Yee Webb, Producer & Spokeswoman Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D. & Artist Nazim will attend this extraordinary event!   See you there!
If you cannot attend but wish to purchase or rent the movie, please click here.  YOU are healing the world with the wonderful work you do!

November 4, 2013 Teresa LeYung-Ryan visited Professor Sheryl Fairchild’s Psychology of Women class at Sacramento City College, CA; students are reading Teresa’s mother-daughter novel Love Made of Heart

November 9, 2013 Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan presented “Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days” at Northern California Publishers & Authors in Citrus Heights, CA
22-Day Fanbase Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says:


22-Day Platform & Fanbase-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan Loves Conducting Interactive Presentations to Writers and Publishers


Here are 3 things you can do for yourself and tell a writer-friend about:

  • Go to  and watch Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan’s interview on CBS “Bay Sunday” as she demonstrates “What is a platform and how to create your platform statement”
  • Go to Amazon’s page “Look Inside” for Coach Teresa’s workbook and do the 2 exercises from Day 1 of her workbook — build and fortify your platform and fanbase NOW.
  • Submit comment to this post OR email Coach Teresa and let her know what YOUR platform statement is!  She’s at   Her address is   WritingCoachTeresa
More photos on my facebook page
Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan and NCPA members role play – What happens when an author journeys through finding an agent, agent lands an acquisition editor. . . then that editor pitches author’s intellectual property to sales team who may or may not recommend publisher’s offering of a contract to the author. Marketing, you ask?  Publishers focus their attention on their best-selling authors and celebrity authors because those authors have huge fanbases.  Yes, that’s probably Tom Kando’s notebook on the right as he takes notes to recap the presentation. Thank you, Tom! Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “You CAN compete for attention when YOU know how to grow YOUR fanbase by articulating YOUR platform statement and training your fans to promote YOU. Reach out, not stress out!”  Coach Teresa is the
author of Build Your Writer’s Platform and Fanbase in 22 Days




NCPA Program Chair Norma Jean Thornton, dear Margie Yee Webb, Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Laurie Hoirup, Sherry Joyce, Margo King Lenson -- photo by Dennis Potter. Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: "Cheers to authors and publishers!"



Via facebook, Ken Umbach of Umbach Consulting & Publishing says: “Very fine, energetic, inviting, participatory presentation today by Teresa LeYung-Ryan at the NCPA meeting today.”

Author Laurie Hoirup, author of  I Can Dance: My Life with a Disability,  says:  ”What I value most about Coach Teresa’s workshop was learning about ideas regarding nametags and creating my platform statements and ways to put it out there.”  Here’s my platform statement: “Through my book, I increase people’s awareness in regards to life with a significant disability.”

Coach Teresa here… Inviting everyone to subscribe to Laurie Hoirup‘s Blog. We all know someone who lives with a disability and can gain more inspiration; after you subscribe and receive announcements that Laurie has written a new blog post . . .  forward the new post to your friend or family member.  Anyone can subscribe.  Share.  Connect.  Thrive.


With this YouTube video . . . Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan cheers for NCPA members and colleagues . . . says she is a big fan of author Frances H. Kakugawa.
“I am on a high from presenting ‘Build Your Writer’s Platform and Fanbase in 22 Days’ at the Northern California Publishers & Authors… such talented and successful folks. I love conducting interactive presentations – today the focus was ‘making connections and having fun.’ Thank you NCPA board, committees, and the entire membership.
Special thanks to my pal author & documentary film producer Margie Yee Webb (for taking great photos & movies at the workshop), Norma Jean Thornton, Ken Umbach, Secretary Tom Kando, Treasurer Laurie Hoirup, VP Dennis Potter, President Ted Witt (he was promoting his book and couldn’t be there… Cheers, Ted!), Kimberly A. Edwards and The Frances H. Kakugawa. Frances, did you know that I bragged about you on page 6 of my workbook? You are one of the authors whose books I do read again and again. Go, Wordsworth! Your being there today and leaving me that lovely glass vase with rose means the world to me. I thank you from my heart.”
All you talented NCPA members, broadcast your platform statements to the world!


author Frances H. Kakugawa shares wonderful news! Her book Teacher, You Look Like a Horse will be translated into Chinese--photo by Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan and NCPA members role play – What happens when an author journeys through finding an agent, agent lands an acquisition editor. . . then that editor pitches author’s intellectual property to sales team who may or may not recommend publisher’s offering of a contract to the author. Marketing, you ask?  Publishers focus their attention on their best-selling authors and celebrity authors because those authors have huge fanbases.  Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “You CAN compete for attention when YOU know how to grow YOUR fanbase by articulating YOUR platform statement and training your fans to promote YOU. Reach out, not stress out!”



22-Day Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Coach Teresa says: “Wear the dual hats of writer and promoter. Reach out, not stress out.”

author of:

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW (the workbook)

Love Made of Heart (the mother-daughter novel used in college classes; book is archived at the San Francisco History Center)

Answer Me Now  (the award-winning short play)

and speeches advocating mental health and end violence against women and children

Click here for a list of Coach Teresa’s event.


Dear Margie,
 I’m very proud of you, congratulation, and Teresa what a lovely friend you are to acknowledge, and spread the word on such a beautiful happening.
 Kim McMillon
 Listen to Arts in the Valley


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to say: “I am so proud of Margie Yee Webb!  She is a producer of the documentary FEMME: Women Healing the World  !

Femme (2013) Poster


Sharon Stone says: “URGENT !!!  The Piers Morgan Show on CNN with FEMME and Sharon Stone/Marianne Williamson will now air tomorrow Friday Sept 27, 2013 at 6:00pm (PT).
I know, twice re-scheduled but this time it’s for sure and it’s part of an hour special with Bill and Chelsea Clinton!
What a night it will be!!!”

FEMME: Women Healing the World  the movie


FEMME: Women Healing the World  is an inspirational voyage about women around the world who are actively transforming and healing global society on a daily basis. Starring Sharon Stone (Casino, Total Recall, Basic Instinct), Celeste Yarnall, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Riane Eisler, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Maguire, Rickie Lee Jones, Gloria Steinem, and more! Influential women discuss religion, science, history, politics and entertainment – and the solutions to the multiple crises we face throughout the world. FEMME focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.

FEMME on CNN did not air on Friday September 20, 2013.

Director Emmanuel Itier says:

“The airing of the FEMME show on Piers Morgan has just been moved to next week!! Stay tuned.
They filmed 1 hour with Sharon Stone and Marianne Williamson.
The folks at Piers Morgan had to rerun an interview with Pastor Rick Warren.

This is a huge media coverage break for FEMME. Spreading Peace and Love all over the World!  Thanks!”

International Movie Database says:

A documentary featuring interviews with 100 influential women from around the world.

Taglines:  A Celebration of Women healing the World

Director:   Emmanuel Itier

Writers:   Amanda EstremeraEmmanuel Itier

Stars:   Sharon Stone, Maria Conchita Alonso, Joanna Angel| See full cast and crew

Margie Yee Webb, author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life, is a producer!


Margie Yee Webb, Emmanuel Itier, Celeste Yarnall & Nazim at FEMME screening Nov. 4, 2012


Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

author of:

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW (the workbook)

Love Made of Heart (the mother-daughter novel used in college composition classes; book is archived at the San Francisco History Center)

Answer Me Now  (the award-winning short play)

and speeches advocating mental health and end violence against women and children

Click here for a list of Coach Teresa’s event.  for more resources.

Coach Teresa says: “Wear the dual hats of writer and promoter. Reach out, not stress out.”

Lists of Books Referenced in Teresa LeYung-Ryan’s & Mary E. Knippel’s “Be Your Own Editor” session at SFWC

Tool #1   Grounding Reader with the four Ws (Who? When? Where? What?) “What does Protagonist want?” (in prescriptive nonfiction “What does Reader need?”)

Tool #2   Hooking Reader from first page to last with core themes. 

Tool #3     In Fiction & Narrative Nonfiction (both genres are forms of  “story-telling”) — Who are your protagonist, antagonist(s), and other archetypes?


The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler

Lost In Yonkers – a play by Neil Simon

Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer! children’s picture book by Frances Kawugawa

Love Made of Heart – mother-daughter novel by Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Charlotte’s Web – a children’s classic by E. B. White

Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts

Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever by Judith Marshall

Narrative Nonfiction:

Woven of Water by Luisa Adams

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

The Secret Artist – Give Yourself Permission to Let Your Creativity Shine! by Mary E. Knippel

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston

Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother – anthology edited by Kate Farrell

If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda Ueland

A Joyful Encounter: My Mother, My Alzheimer Clients, and Me by Lynn Scott

A Dreamer’s Guide to Cities and Streams (poetry) by Joan Gelfand

Prescriptive Nonfiction:

Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life – photo/gift book by Margie Yee Webb

Break Through the Noise: 9 Tools to Propel Your Marketing Message by Elisa Sasa Southard

My Dreams: A Simple Guide to Dream Interpretation by Angie Choi

Help Me Live: 20 Things People with Cancer Want You to Know by Lori Hope

Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW  by Teresa LeYung-Ryan

The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master by Martha Alderson

TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How To Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit by Lynn Cook Henriksen

Correct Me If I’m Wrong: Getting Your Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage Right!  by Arlene Miller

Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books by Frances Caballo

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages: A Book Promotion Reference Guide for Authors and Small Press Publishers  by Christine Pinheiro  e-book published by

How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen

The Power of Memoir by Linda Joy Myers

Marriage Meeting Starter Kit  by Marcia Naomi Berger

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Secret Artist – Give Yourself Permission to Let Your Creativity Shine! by Mary E. Knippel

Also, please refer to the SFWC list of presenters

Mary E. Knippel & Teresa LeYung-Ryan teach 'Be Your Own Editor' at SFWC - photo by Margie Yee Webb


Free Webinars –   register with

3 Top Tools for Editing Your Manuscript After You’ve Written Your First Draft  with Coach Teresa

·         April 10, 2013  at 10:30am Pacific Time / 1:30pm Eastern Time

·         April 25, 2013  at 4:30pm Pacific Time /  7:30pm Eastern Time

Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan cares about helping fiction and nonfiction writers build their platforms and work on their craft simultaneously with ease.  She says: “Wear the dual hats as promoter and writer and be happily published. Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams.”


Coach Teresa here.  At the San Francisco Writers Conference, Elisa Sasa Southard and I presented “GETTING TO FIRST BASE BY BUILDING YOUR FANBASE

In our interactive session, Talking-Tagline Guru Sasa asked me: “Coach Teresa…What is a platform?”

I responded: “Before I define ‘platform,’ let’s talk about fans and what fans do for you.  Fans tell their friends about you.  Fans will pay to see you; they will buy what you have produced; they listen when you speak.  Your name hooks their attention.

“So, how does one build a fanbase?  By making your platform consistent. A platform is not something you step on, it is what you stand forHelp your fans find you by articulating the themes and issues you care about/write about.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am a fan of many fine writers, with last names starting with A to Z.  From Chinua Achebe, Luisa Adams, Martha Alderson, Jane Austen . . .  to Margie Yee Webb, E. B. White, Anzia Yezierska, and two hundred other authors, including Scott James (fellow presenter at San Francisco Writers Conference).

Scott James writes novels under the name of Kemble Scott; I heard about Kemble when his first novel SoMa was published by Kensington Publishing Corporation New York (also my publisher for my first novel). Scott James, the journalist, writes about San Francisco, including contributions to the New York Times.

I am a fan because Scott James speaks/writes eloquently. His latest article is enlightening and compelling.

Scott says:  The latest of my new columns on Medium is now up. This one is on gay marriage, and gets a bit personal.  It’s called “My Big Gay Shotgun Wedding.”

Since I am a fan, I shall tell my friends about Scott’s columns.


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan cheering for you!


Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan cares about helping fiction and nonfiction writers build their platforms and work on their craft simultaneously with ease.  She says: “Wear the dual hats as promoter and writer and be happily published. Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams.”



Superstar Line-up of Volunteers at San Francisco Writers Conference

For a complete list of names and photos of these talented and generous folks, please go to:

SFWC Volunteer Director Linda Lee!   And Jane Glendinning!

Laura Bean

Laura Bean


Laura Bean spent ten years practicing Tibetan Buddhism with a Canadian lama in Kyoto, Japan. She edited a collection of his dharma talks entitled Dharma If You Dare, which will soon be in print. Laura is a published poet, journalist, and performance artist. Her monologues and a play entitled Love, Sex, and Hollow, Holy Places have been performed on stages in New York City, Cali, Colombia, and Kyoto, Japan.


Tessa Bertoldi

Tessa Bertoldi



Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine Bramkamp


Catharine Bramkamp is a successful book coach and author. She is a dynamic speaker covering subjects as diverse as NaNoNowWhat? to the Evolution of Language to working through writing blocks. She works with clients creating both fictional works (Three clients have published four books) and non-fiction (one client has published two books).
She holds two degrees in English and Creative Writing and is an adjunct professor for University of Phoenix. She had published a handful of novels and collections including five books in her Real Estate Diva Mystery series, two Chicken Soup for the Soul books and a poetry collection; Ammonia Sunrise. Her writing books are Don’t Write Like You Talk and The Cheap Retreat Workbook.

She lives in Sonoma County with her husband.
Website: []
Facebook: [http://facebook/]
LinkedIn: [http://linkedin/]
Twitter: [http://cbramkamp]


marty castleberg

marty castleberg

Website: []


Paula Chinick

Paula Chinick


Paula Chinick, current president of CWC Tri-Valley Branch spent the majority of her career in Information Technology as a project manager working for various Fortune 500 companies. She holds an MBA from John F. Kennedy University in International Business. After the economy collapsed, she decided to retire and pursue her greatest passion – writing. Paula has contributed short stories to several anthologies and is currently working on her first novel, Red Asscher, a three-part spy thriller series.


Kellie Edson

Kellie Edson


Kellie has her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Music. She graduated with honors in 2011 and has started the Meeting and Event Planning Certificate Program at CCE.

She is the Academic Programs Marketing Coordinator for the College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sacramento State. A jack of many trades, she also is also a part time Zumba instructor, blogger and plays softball.

Much how she feels about music, she also loves writing and reading all formats and genres and is still finding her own place in the literary world.

This will be her 4th year volunteering at SFWC, and prior to that she was a volunteer for 3 years at the Maui Writer’s Conference.
Website: []
Twitter: [http://kelliejoy1588]


Kimberly A. Edwards

Kimberly A. Edwards


Kimberly A. Edwards ( writes articles for local, national and international markets on cross-cultural issues, lifestyle and seniors, coordinating events, working with boards and committees, and presentation strategies. Print credits amassed over 30 years include: Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Senior Spectrum, The Times of India, International Travel News, Sacramento News and Review, The Sacramento Bee, and Independent (Book Publishers Association, IBPA), and sales magazines. Recently, her “Tapping into Twitter Expertise ” was selected for IBPA’s ebook, The Book Publishers Toolkit: 10 Practical Pointers for Independent and Self Publishers. Work continues on her novel, The Year of Black and White, inspired by true events in 1960. Kimberly serves as an officer for the California Writers Club, Sacramento Branch. She heads the Seminar Committee, bringing known names to the community. Recently she retired from the California Department of Education where she enlisted corporate sponsors; put on large conferences; coordinated California Teachers of the Year, National Blue Ribbon Schools, the Milken Family Foundation Educators Program; and crafted a “Noon Hour with a Local Author” series.


Audrey Fairchild

Audrey Fairchild


Audrey is a full time English teacher in Hillsborough, and a crisis intervention and suicide hotline counselor for San Mateo County. She received her Ph.D. in 2001, and her counseling practice is in downtown San Mateo. She attended Santa Clara University for her Counseling Psychology and MFT licensure. She is an active member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the Northern California Writer’s Association. She is currently writing a self help guide for parenting preteens and provides presentations on a variety of parenting topics.
Website: []


Tara Farquhar

Tara Farquhar


Writing is the one staple that has stayed with me throughout my life. Writing is breath, sanity and joy. I have an MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College. I write memoir, fiction and poetry.
Website: []


Kate Farrell

Kate Farrell


Kate Farrell earned a Masters degree from UC-Berkeley; is an author, teacher, librarian, and storyteller and has published numerous educational materials. Kate is the founder of Wisdom Has a Voice memoir project and editor of the anthology, Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother, 2011. She’s a member of the Redwood Branch of the California Writer’s Club, Story Circle Network, the National Association of Memoir Writers, and is Vice-President of the Women’s National Book Association, San Francisco Chapter. Currently, Kate is working with Linda Joy Myers and Amber Lea Starfire on a new anthology: Times They Were A-Changing: Women Remember the 60s & 70s to be released in June 2013.
Website: []


Betsy Graziani Fasbinder

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder


In both her works of memoir and fiction, Betsy Graziani Fasbinder explores the unending complications of people living, working, and loving one another. As a practicing therapist for more than twenty years, she has been witness to the heartbreak, healing, and heroism of people from all walks of life. She strives to create stories that bring the emotional truths she’s experienced and observed to the pages in all of her writing.

Betsy has been awarded the Floyd Salas Award for Fiction, and has been honored with a Jack London award and two East of Eden awards for both fiction and memoir pieces. Four of her works have been produced as Readers’ Theater in the historic Nevada Theater in Nevada City, California. She is the co-producer of The Women’s Writing Salon in Nevada County. Her first novel, Fire and Water, will be released by She Writes Press on March 1, 2013. She’s working now on a collection of memoir stories and a new novel set in California’s Wine Country, a great excuse for some wine tasting. Research, only for research.
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Lynn Henriksen

Lynn Henriksen


Lynn Cook Henriksen, aka The Story Woman, discovered a profound way to keep our mothers’ spirits alive by helping hundreds of daughters and sons capture in brief memoirs the memories and feelings they never thought they could record. She is the author of the award-winning guidebook, TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit.
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Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Julaina Kleist-Corwin


Julaina Kleist-Corwin has won five short story contest awards. She is a writing teacher for the City of Dublin, CA and a field Supervisor for teachers working toward their credentials. Her short stories are in several anthologies, the most recent is Harlequin’s A Christmas Miracle. Current writing projects are a novel called Hada’s Fog and an anthology, A Class of Muses, due to be published this year.
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Danine Manette

Danine Manette


My name is Danine Manette and I am a seven year volunteer for the SFWC. I am an infidelity expert and the author of Ultimate Betrayal: Recognizing, Uncovering and Dealing with Infidelity. Working at the SFWC provided me with an opportunity to connect with countless contacts. Additionally, I learned how to develop a platform that enabled me to go from being a self published author to landing a book deal and appearing on a host of television programs such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and NBC’s Today Show. I look forward to continuing this journey in 2013.
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Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin


Rebecca Martin, founder and CEO of California based dear jane Inc. a career services company, believes that people can succeed in navigating through corporate and business environments, as well as their career transitions if they can first identify what is right for them. She is dedicated to helping and coaching management and individuals, and is extremely passionate about the career management and human capital industries.
Today, dear jane Inc. develops and delivers career management training classes, workshops, seminars, and coaching to Fortune 1000 companies as well as individuals throughout the United States. Since its inception, dear jane Inc. has enjoyed a very high success rate in coaching clients through career transitions, navigating corporate environments and working with today’s job market.
She has appeared on the View from the Bay San Francisco’s ABC afternoon show, Beyond the Headlines with Cheryl Jennings, and Conversations with Robin Fahr, a local channel 30 television show. A USC graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration, Rebecca has written and published the booklet “83 Tips on How to Successfully Work with Corporate and External Recruiters.”
She belongs to the Women’s National Book Association and is a volunteer for the San Francisco Writer’s Conference.
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Carmen Micsa

Carmen Micsa


Born and raised in Romania, Carmen Micsa moved to America in 1995 and chose to write about her old life in communist Romania and her new life in America. She earned a BA and MA degree in English (Creative Writing) from Sacramento State University. Besides writing, Carmen MIcsa enjoys being a mother to her two beautiful children Alex and Sophia. She owns her own real estate company and prides herself for being organized and efficient in leading a balanced life. Freedom Rocks is Carmen’s first book/memoir that she’s hoping to publish in 2013. She also writes short fiction, travel articles, and picture books. When she is not reading and writing, Carmen Micsa and her children train in Taekwondo and are close to receiving their black belts. She also was one of the top five in Northern California Women’s 4.00 Tennis in 2011 and 2012. Besides tennis, Carmen loves to bike and has done 100K and century (100 miles) bike rides for the last 6 years in a row for Diabetes Tour de Cure in memory of her beloved father.

An enthusiastic, energetic, and outgoing mother, wife, daughter, writer, real estate broker, and friend, one of Carmen’s favorite quotes is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” She also applies the lessons learned from Anatole France, who said: “To accomplish one’s goals, one must dream, as well as act.”
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Lori Noack

Lori Noack


Associate Director of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, Lori Noack has over twenty years of non-profit leadership experience, along with independent writing, editing, consulting, and arts management expertise. In addition to serving on governing and cultural boards from local to state levels, her professional positions have included executive director of nationally recognized music festivals in Oregon and San Francisco, newspaper editor, founder of an arts management agency, university lecturer, and writing instructor. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing in 2009. Today, Lori applies her expertise in building AWWP’s North American team to ensure program excellence and enhance public awareness for the benefit of women’s rights in Afghanistan.


Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose


I am a first teacher in Sacramento. I grew up in Modesto, California. After high school graduation, I worked as a clown for two years in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I then obtained a BA degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. I also earned a teaching credential there. In addition, I hold an MA in Communication at CSU Stanislaus.


Sue Ross

Sue Ross


It is rumored that the first word SUE ROSS ever uttered gave her such satisfaction that she said it twice, “Author! Author!” Finding stories in everything she does, Sue has made her living as a non-profit administrator and small business owner throughout her career. Her checkered past has provided her with opportunities to revel in language, whether through structured business plans, reports, grant applications, marketing materials (print and online); or speeches, presentations, and letters that lift and inspire.

Currently, she is revising her manuscript for GOLANSKI’S TREASURES, a character-driven novel about a Holocaust survivor who travels to Poland to reconnect with his past, and discovers that the choices we make frame our destiny – and the treasures we seek are not always what we might anticipate. To avoid postpartum blues, once the book is finished work will begin on a prequel to the novel. Sue is intent in focusing her life on writing and is a member of: the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA – SF Chapter,) California Writers Club (Redwood Writers), and a Sonoma Scribes critique group. She had two extraordinary recent experiences that expanded her understanding of the world of writing and publishing in today’s rapidly changing world — her second (2012) SF Writers Conference and a 2012 “Meet the Agents” event presented by WNBA.

Sue also sits on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Sonoma State University, is a member of Congregation Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa, California, and served as the Vice President for Development and Public Relations at Spertus Center for Jewish Learning in Chicago. Sue currently lives in Santa Rosa with her fiancé, dog and two cats..

Sue’s writing is inspired by one of her personal heroes, Holocaust Survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, ELIE WIESEL, who said, “Are we so naïve as to think that we can bring peace to the world through words? Yes we are. What else do we have?”
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Angela Tung

Angela Tung

A former corporate cog, Angela Tung now writes full-time. Her work has appeared in CNN Living, The Frisky, Asian Cha Magazine, Matador Life, The Nervous Breakdown, and various anthologies, including The Beautiful Anthology which was recently featured in The New York Times’ Best Bathroom Books of 2012. She also blogs about words and language for Wordnik.

Her latest book, Black Fish: Memoir of a Bad Luck Girl, chronicles the failed marriage between a Chinese woman and Korean man, both American-born but bound by old world traditions. Black Fish has been called “a work of dark enchantment, in which history, magic, and fate loom as large as character and desire,” and “a beautiful, cultural tapestry that keeps the reader riveted.” It was shortlisted for the 2010 Graywolf Nonfiction Prize. Black Fish is available now in both paperback and ebook.

She has an MS in Library Science from the Pratt Institute, an MA in Creative Writing from Boston University, where she was the fiction fellow, and a BA in English from Barnard College.
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Margie Yee Webb

Margie Yee Webb


Margie Yee Webb is the author/photographer of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life, a gift book for cat lovers and their finicky friends! The Sacramento Bee wrote: “The El Dorado Hills writer-photographer imparts words of wisdom, accented with pictures of her rescued cat.”

As a co-creator of Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Cats, she is seeking true, funny, silly and endearing cat stories of between 500 to 2,500 words. The submission deadline for Cats is May 1, 2013. Not Your Mother’s Book (NYMB) is a new anthology for a new century from Publishing Syndicate, with 30-plus titles needing hip, fun and modern stories. Titles released by Publishing Syndicate include NYMB . . . On Being a Woman, NYMB . . . On Being a Stupid Kid and NYMB . . . On Dogs. For submission guidelines and to submit stories, visit

Margie is past president of California Writers Club–Sacramento Branch (CWC–Sacramento) and received the Jack London Award for outstanding service. Currently, she serves on the CWC–Sacramento board of directors and as CWC vice president. She is also a member of Cat Writers’ Association (CWA), Northern California Publishers & Authors Association (NCPA), Women’s National Book Association–San Francisco Chapter, and Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

In the CWA 2011 Communications Contest, Margie was awarded Certificates of Excellence for “Gift” and for “Color Photographs (series)” for Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings. She received “Best Nonfiction 2012-Gift” and “Best Book Design 2012, 2nd Place” in the NCPA Awards.
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I so look forward to seeing Everyone involved with SFWC!  This is the 10th anniversary too!

SFWC Co-Founders & Co-Directors:
Elizabeth Pomada

Michael Larsen
Marketing/Newsletter Director: Barbara Santos
Registration/Website Director: Richard Santos
Finance/Auction/Contest/Tech Director: Laurie McLean
Volunteer Director: Linda Lee

SFWC Freelance Editor Coordinator Mary E. Knippel


Kathleen Antrim, Author/ThrillerFest VP National Events 
Andrea Brown, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Constance Hale, Author/journalist
Evan Karp, Quiet Lighning
Harvey Pawl, businessman
Sheldon Siegel, New York Times Best Selling Author/Attorney
Alan Rinzler, consulting and freelance editor
Elisa Sasa SouthardAuthor/speaker
Joyce Turley, Dimensional Reading
Peter Wiley, Chairman of the Board, John Wiley & Sons

* * * * * * *

Friday Feb. 15, 2013,   9:00-9:45am   at San Francisco Writers Conference


presented by:  Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase in 22 Days  and  SFWC Advisory Board Member Elisa “Sasa” Southard, Break Through the Noise: 9 Tools to Propel Your Marketing Message (balloons in this interactive session)

* * * * * * *

Sunday Feb. 17, 2013,   10:00-10:45am   at San Francisco Writers Conference

BE YOUR OWN EDITOR:  Ensuring Agents and Editors Love Your Work”

presented by:  Writing Coach/Manuscript Consultant Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase in 22 DaysLove Made of Heart  and Your-Writing-Mentor/The Writer Unleashed Mary E. Knippel, The Secret Artist: Give Yourself Permission to Let Your Creativity Shine!

* * * * * * *


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

“Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams.”

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan on CBS Bay Sunday with Host Frank Mallicoat

Writers’ Platform & Fanbase-Building Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryansays:

Click here to read the interview with Coach Teresa for StepByStepPublishing





 Coach Teresa says: “Fortify Your Platform with New Tags for Your Books and All Your Writings.”

How do you attract new fans?  When your friends and colleagues brag about you?  Yes!   What else?  How do you help your prospective fans find you?  By making your name synonymous with the issues / themes / subject matter you write about?  Yes!!  After all, when folks need something, don’t they go to search engines and type keywords and key phrases (aka “tags”) to find what they need?  Those folks will find you through the tags associated with your name!

Here’s an excellent examplelet’s look at author Wendy D. Walter and her tags.  Wendy writes fantasy / adventure stories for young adults / teens.  Her protagonist is fourteen-year-old Ambril Derwyn.

I hosted Wendy D. Walter (author of Ambril’s Tale, Return of the Dullaith) in a live-blog event on January 5, 2013.  Nineteen fans (old and new) showed up to greet her and cheer for her and to ask questions.

Thank you, Anne M. Beggs, Bardi Rosman Koodrin, Christopher Wachlin, Deborah Taylor-French, Diane LeBow, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun, Eugenia Budman, Eve Visconti, Janine, Jean Morrow, Kate Farrell, LakshmiLove, Linda C. McCabe, Margie Yee Webb, Maria, Tera, Thonie Hevron, Yolande Barial, for participating on January 5th, 2013!

To see complete questions and answers and  comments from please click on:

To read my interview with Wendy, please click on:

Here are some tags associated with Wendy D. Walter’s writings

  • Ambril’s Tale, Return of the Dullaith
  • father’s death
  • half-truth
  • ancient Celtic magic and nature-based magic
  • introverts
  • Global Warming, rising seas, raging storms
  • Utah in the middle of winter
  • taking on the bullies
  • fictional California town Trelawnyd
  • fantasy stories
  • monsters
  • young adult Y/A
  • secret warriors
  • human morality

Thank you,Wendy, for having written a compelling story. What a page-turner!

Look for more “tags” in Wendy D. Walter‘s answers to the questions asked by fans:

“My all time favorite writer is Jane Austen. It’s been over 200 years since she was first published and her stories still enthrall me. From her books, I learned that the most important thing a writer can do is to make your readers care about what happens to your character and to never underestimate your reader.”

“I’m also a great admirer of Diana Wynne Jones, my favorite fantasy writer. She also never underestimated her readers and gave us incredibly intricate and original stories. Her books are often funny as well!”

“And that is why Ambril’s Tail has a very robust plot, with lots of twists and turns and strives to be humorous as often as possible!”

“Some of my characters are right out of my imagination, but some of them have roots in mythology. The Aunties, for instance, are the seers of the story, who share one pair of glasses. Perseus runs into three crones who share one eye and a tooth in one of his adventures, but groupings of three witches/hags/seers appear in all sorts of ancient Nordic and Germanic stories as well!”

“The Cerberus, the guardians of the underworld, is one of my favorite Greek legends.”

“I’m not sure why this is, but if you take a simple bullying exchange off the playground in our world and give the characters fangs and fairy wings, the issue becomes much clearer. In fantasy, we get a bit heavy handed at times and tend to make our bullies actual monsters (it’s more fun that way). Also, as bullying is an obvious abuse of power, it works well within worlds where it’s clear who the good and bad guys are, at least most of the time! Check out the Q & A Teresa posted on this blog for more on bullying:  Bullying appears to be a behavior that some mistake for strength, particularly the immature (of all ages).”

“And there is a great male main character called Ygg. My beta readers all chose him as their favorite character!”

Ambril’s Tale is for the 10-14 marketplace, just right for middle schoolers!”

Get your copy of Wendy D. Walter's book or ask your library to carry it!

Where to Find the book Ambril’s Tale, Return of the Dullaith:

Ambril’s Tale, Return of the Dullaith at Barnes and Noble

“Book 2, Ambril’s Tale, Riding the Cursed Shoots, is coming out in March, 2013!”


Cheers to Wendy D. Walter, protagonist Ambril and everyone she cares about!


Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan says: “Reach out, not stress out, to materialize your dearest dreams.”

As author of Love Made of Heart, creator of Love Made of Heart gift items and the “Talking to My Dead Mom Monologues,” Teresa encourages writers to speak out (in print) for those who cannot speak for themselves.

As coach and author of Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days: Attract Agents, Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention NOW , Teresa says: “Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, make your name synonymous with the issues you write about.”




Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan here to thank Margie Yee Webb for telling me about Laurie Hoirup’s orchestrating the authors’ event at Carvalho Family Winery on Dec. 15 & 16, 2012, 1:00-5:00pm, and Amy Gorman for saying “yes” to going too!  Margie, Amy and I will be there Saturday Dec. 15th only.

authors Margie Yee Webb, Teresa LeYung-Ryan, Amy Gorman


Click here for updated list of authors.

Click here for directions to the winery.

 Carvalho Family Winery

at Old Sugar Mill
35265 Willow Avenue
Clarksburg, CA 95612

December 15 & 16, 2012, 1:00pm to 5:00pm both days
“Gifts of Wine & Words!”

Come out and enjoy a glass of wine (or two) while buying a new book signed by the author! Over 40 authors–representing a multitude of genres. Pair the perfect wine with your new favorite book.  No charge to attend this event.

  1. Laurie Hoirup - I Can Dance: My Life with a Disability
  2.  A. K. Buckroth - My Diabetic Soul
  3. Cindy SampleDying for a Date
  4.  Theodora GravesThrough Phantom Eyes
  5. Amy RogersPetroplague
  6. Jeannie NishikawaDreaming in English: A Memoir
  7. Margie Yee WebbCat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life
  8. Penny Callmeyer, co-author Villa of  Youth
  9. TE WatsonThe Man Who Spoke With Cats
  10. Shelley BuckFloating Point
  11. Teresa LeYung-RyanLove Made of Heart; Build Your Writer’s Platform & Fanbase In 22 Days
  12. Amy GormanAging Artfully: 12 Profiles of Visual and Performing Women Artists 85-105
  13. Liz AllenbyAppearances Deceive
  14. Cheryl StappDisaster & Triumph: Sacramento Women-Gold Rush through Civil War
  15. Murray StappThose Radio Days
  16. Loraine HoldenDon’t Get Thin, Get Healthy
  17. Norma Thorton - Nonie’s  1st Big Bottom Girls’ Rio Linda Cookbook
  18. Marsha RobinsonRescuing Humphrey
  19. Sheri Cockrell - contributor to Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
  20. Judith HorstmanScientific American brain books
  21. Phil SilverAndi the Bee
  22. Naida West - California Gold Trilogy
  23. Peggy  DulleSaddle Up
  24. Owen Sullivan - The House’s Money
  25. Nan  MahonBlind Buddies
  26. Linda  Lohman – contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul
  27. Robert M PacholikCrab Louie
  28. Mort  RumbergCodename: Snake
  29. Denise Lee Branco - Horse at the Corner Post
  30. Jen Barton - Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell
  31. Marilyn ReynoldsOver 70 and I Don’t Mean MPH
  32. Anara Guard - Late Peaches
  33. Frank LunaRed Storm
  34. Mary Weins - Bootstrap Your Way to a Successful Business
  35. Lonon Smith - Wise Men
  36. Frank LeekShared Parenting; Beyond the Great Divide
  37. Shirley Parenteau - Bears in Beds
  38. Margaret Murray - Dreamers, A Coming of Age Love Story of the 60s
  39. Elaine MackoArmed
  40. Joyce Mikal-FlynnTurning Tragedy Into Triumph, Metahabilitation; A Contemporary Model of Rehabilitation

Meet authors at “Gifts of Wine & Words” Dec. 15 & 16, 2012 near Sacramento, CA

Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Teresa LeYung-Ryan at LinkedIn


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